Cryogenic refrigeration

Cryogenic refrigeration, discover our cryogenic products

CES develops, designs and manufactures standard and custom tailored continuous or batch type chilling and freezing equipment. Our personnel has extensive experience with food chilling and freezing processes.

We offer a wide range of cryogenic refrigeration solutions.

Cryogenic refrigeration products :

  • Cryogenic tunnel
  • Cryogenic spiral
  • Cryogenic multi-pass
  • Cryogenic batch
  • Cryogenic mini-batch
  • Cryogenic pelletizer
  • Cryogenic immersion
  • Cryogenic screw
  • Cryogenic tumbler
  • Cryogenic snow horn
  • Cryogenic complementary
  • Cryogenic inventory
cryogenic refrigeration

Whatever the application, CES considers several basic factors when designing equipment or planning installation:

  • Safety
  • Performance
  • Operation reliability
  • Net cost efficiency
  • Flexibility for future plant expansion

For more information on our cryogenic refrigeration solutions, click here.

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