Cryogenic treatment

Cryogenic treatment, discover our machinery

CES develops, designs and manufactures standard and custom tailored continuous or batch type chilling and freezing equipment. Our personnel has extensive experience with food chilling and freezing processes.

We offer a wide range of cryogenic treatment technologies.

Cryogenic treatment machinery:

  • Cryogenic pelletizer
  • Cryogenic tunnel
  • Cryogenic spiral
  • Cryogenic multi-pass
  • Cryogenic screw
  • Cryogenic tumbler
  • Cryogenic snow horn
  • Cryogenic complementary
  • Cryogenic batch
  • Cryogenic mini-batch
cryogenic treatment

Return food to its original glory. Frozen produce is picked at its peak and flash frozen to maintain all the flavor and nutrients fresh fruit has. The Frozen Food Foundation says that frozen fruits and vegetables are equally, and possibly more nutritious than fresh fruits.

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