Pre-Owned Freezing and Cooling Equipment comes with a Warranty!
Don't buy from brokers who don't know or care what they sell you.

CES is the only company that offers Pre-Owned Equipment with a warranty. Unlike other companies that act as brokers and "sell" you a piece of equipment, we stand behind our Pre-Owned Equipment and will fully support the products we sell. As you can see on our website CES has the most complete product line of Freezing & Chilling Equipment available in the market today. Nevertheless there can be situations such as budgetary restrictions, new start-ups or quick delivery times where Pre-Owned Equipment is an excellent alternative to new equipment.

This page will help you locate quality Pre-Owned Equipment to fit your needs.

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Available Equipment: Select model for more details




 Pre-Owned   CES-LT-LCO2-5mx2x0.66-HOTL-PLC  Tunnel Freezer 
 Pre-Owned   CES-LT-LCO2-3mx2x0.66-HOTL-PLC   Tunnel Freezer
 Pre-Owned  CES-LT-LIN-12mx0.66m-PODB Tunnel Freezer 
 Pre-Owned   CES-SF-LIN-660-17.5xcc140-SS-UP-U-PLC    Spiral Freezer
 Pre-Owned   SF-LC02-660-11-CC150-SR-UP  Spiral Freezer 
 Pre-Owned   SF-CO2-660-16,5xCC140-NR-UP-U  Spiral Freezer 
Pre-Owned    CES-SF-LIN-762-6-cc100-SR-UP-I-PLC   Spiral Freezer
CES-MP-LIN-30ftx4ft-HOTL-PLC   Multi-Pass Freezer
Pre-Owned CES-IM-LIN-0.5mx0.6m-POTL​  Immersion Freezer 
Pre-Owned CES-LT-LIN-2.4mx1.16m-HOTL-SP  Tunnel Freezer
Pre-Owned  BF-LIN-12.5x7.5x11.5-DSWF-PLC (new electrical cabinet 2015)  Batch freezer
 Pre-Owned   GU-2.5mx1.22m[8ftx48"]  Glazing unit
Pre-Owned MBI Tunnel Freezer  Tunnel freezer 
Pre-Owned    CES Pelletizer Feezer  Pelletizer Freezer

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If you know what type of freezer you need, have questions regarding a freezer or you have purchased a Pre-Owned freezer, CES can help you:
Locate a freezer that suits your needs

If you have purchased Pre-Owned Equipment or intend to do so, we can advise you on what needs to be done to bring the equipment into working condition

If needed we can overhaul or modify the Pre-Owned Equipment in our facilities.

We can assist with the transportation, installation, piping and exhaust systems at your facility. 

Additionally we can also store your purchased Pre-Owned Equipment on a temporary basis

For more information about all services CES can deliver in relation with Pre-Owned Equipment, please send us an e-mail .