Latest Realizations

Making the move to mechanical freezing

Q-Food has been a CES customer for over a decade and now chose CES again for their new production facility. A custom engineered Mechanical Spiral Freezer will handle the
increased production volumes designated for the food service market. Not only did the freezing capacity increase, the new setup enables production to run 24/7 without defrost

• Infeed versus outfeed : 270° turn
• CO2 –evaporators to run at a constant air temperature of -30°C
• Perfect Temperature Uniformity
• Continuous guaranteed air volume
• Extreme high hygienic measurements to be able to clean easy, properly and efficiently
• …
This CES Mechanical Spiral Freezer has already been in operation for over 8 months without any problems !


CES is the leading supplier for sub-zero treatment chambers in the Aviation and Automotive Industry
Here’s a snapshot why CES remains one the world’s most respected manufacturers of Sub-Zero Treatment Chambers + Tempering (max. 350°C) for the
Metal treatment industry. CES is the leading supplier for the Aviation and Automotive industry able to comply with the AMS2750 qualifications for
Aviation industry and CQI-9 qualifications for the Automotive industry. All this within a temperature range from -185°C to +350°C,
which is really exeptional and unique in the market.
Recently CES manufactured several of these made-to-order Sub-Zero Treatment + Tempering chambers throughout Europe.

Poland : CES Sub-Zero + Tempering with a temperature range -120°C to +350°C
fully in compliance with AMS2750 version E class 2 (+/-6°C)

France : CES Sub-Zero + Tempering with a temperature range -150°C to +250°C
fully in compliance with AMS2750 version E class 2 (+/-6°C) 

France : CES Sub-Zero + Tempering with a temperature range -80°C to +250°C
fully in compliance with CQI-9 Automotive qualifications

Germany : CES Sub-Zero + Tempering with a temperature range -80°C to +80°C

Cryogenic linear freezing tunnel for prepared meals

One of the biggest meat processing companies in Belgium decided to go a step further in offering also prepared meals.
To be able to offer the prepared meals the client needed to invest in a new dedicated production facility.
CES was choosen to deliver a Linear Cryogenic Freezing tunnel for this project.
The CES Cryogenic Freezer is installed directly after the frying tunnel to cool and/or freeze the product instantly to avoid drip losses.
The tunnel was installed in the agreed timeframe and is doing his job perfectly !

CES spiral freezer, part of factory of the future!

CES has to congratulate the Belgian Meat Processore Dekeyzer-Ossaer as being awarded in 2018 as ‘The Factory of the Future’ !
CES installed a Mechanical Spiral Freezer in the factory of the future and is therefore very proud to be part of this visionary company.
Meat processing is deeply rooted in this company. They are continuously growing in the portioning and distribution of meat, poultry, meat preparations and
additional fresh products.
Nothing special you would think wasn’t it for this specific reason that CES installed a unique Steam Cleaning System for ‘sterilization’ of the whole inside of the
Mechanical Spiral Freezer.
CES installed a Mechanical Spiral Freezer that is completely welded at inside, floor – walls and roof are fully stainless steel welded.
This gave us the possibility to offer a Steam Cleaning System to +85°C at inside of the spiral freezer for short sterilization.

Compact, Powerful and Sanitary Freezing Solution

A long-term CES customer just took delivery of yet another Sanitary Freezing Tunnel to expand their ever-growing production needs.
The compact and integrated design of these freezers allows for quick line integration with minimal process interruptions.
Dual side-by-side belt drives provide great flexibility for processing a wide variety of products simultaneously.
Our trademark Hydraulic Top Lifting tunnels are extremely sanitary and easy to clean leaving quick turnarounds between shifts.
Stainless-steel construction combined with industry leading designs and quality components guarantee reliable operation for many years to come.

CES immersion freezer installed at famous Dutch snack producer

CES installed a made-to-order nitrogen IMMERSION freezer.
Because of a mutual signed confidentiality agreement, which we have to respect, CES cannot go into details but still we would like to present this very demanding project.
With this immersion freezer, the client is able to freeze hot products in a couple of seconds (5 – 10 seconds). Immediately after frying, the product is brought directly into
the liquid nitrogen whereby it is frozen instantly.
This process gives perfect product quality after freezing without any weight losses.
The product is in this case always perfect IQF quality. (Individual Quick Frozen)

Another CES linear tunnel freezer for the Danish market

A Danish processor of whole fish decided to work with CES for the freezing of the fish after cleaning and sorting of the fish.
The CES Cryogenic Freezing tunnel is used for Crust Freezing of the fish to eliminate the sticking of the products in the further production process.
A second production line is foreseen for end 2018 !

Overhaul by CES – very old Spiral-Freezer is worth an extensive overhaul

CES did an extensive overhaul for the spiral-freezer CES-SF-LIN-660-11-CC150-SR-UP-PLC. This spiral had a long life – typical for a high-quality-made,
welded CES-machine. Several customers rused this machine many years each in their production. The new owner had the wish to get the machine completely overhauled
and technical updated. Not only all wearing parts, for example bearings, slide rails and sealing have been changed, all fan motors have been exchanged to
stainless-steel-CES-types together with actual fans-systems. The electric cabinet has been new built completely including an actual CES-PLC-system and
the machine has been rebuilt with a liquid-nitrogen-injection. Obviously the machine got after this overhaul a «up to date» new manual.

CES-SF-LIN-660-11-CC150-SR-UP-PLC while test-run (FAT) at CES in Belgium. Clear to see the new modules, CES-stainless-steel fan motors,
electric cabinet, exhaust-fans and the rebuilt LIN-injection on top of the machine

Customized by CES for a customer with special demands

CES has delivered a new immersion freezer to a German food-company. For a sensitive product a new machine was needed to exchange an existing machine.
The customer had – additional to the self-evidential high quality of the freezer - three main demands to CES. The product losses while the freezing process
should be minimized so far as possible. CES was able to reduce the high losses to zero nearly by designing a special upper belt with carriers combined with
coupling the immersion freezer electrically to a preceding machine of another supplier. The second task was to design the exhaust system of the immersion-freezer
in that way that no fog can escape into the production area. The last task was a «Plug&Play» - installation of the freezer including a CES-double-exhaust-system and
insulated exhaust-pipes in the production-area of the customer by CES-Service – followed by a direct commissioning of the machine. CES fulfilled all demands without
problems to the full satisfaction of our customer!

CES-IM-LIN-1mx1m-HOTL-PLC at Coldtest (FAT) in CES/Belgium                                                          Inner view and carrier belt

CES Custom Built Walk-Through Batch Freezer

CES recently completed a walk-through batch freezer for a South American client. The client was looking for a powerful but smaller freezing solution for their facility.
A walk-through batch freezer allows the client to optimize freezing while being able to swap about batches of product limiting downtime in production. Batch freezers 
are also easy to clean once again allowing the client to limit downtime for cleaning as well. A walk through freezer like this makes cleaning even easier. 

Like all CES freezers, this was built to our stringent standards. Fully inside and outside welded stainless steel, with stainless steel hinges and locks, and the standard
CES-PLC-system for easy operating and handling of this freezer. If you have any questions about the CES Batch freezer visit our website HERE. If you have further questions 
feel free to email us as well



 Compact, Powerful and Sanitary Freezing Solution

A long-term CES customer just took delivery of yet another Sanitary Freezing Tunnel to expand their ever-growing production needs.
The compact and integrated design of these freezers allows for quick line integration with minimal process interruptions. Dual side-by-side
belt drives provide great flexibility for processing a wide variety of products simultaneously. Our trademark Hydraulic Top
Lifting tunnels are extremely sanitary and easy to clean leaving quick turnarounds between shifts. Stainless-steel construction
combined with industry leading designs and quality components guarantee reliable operation for many years to come.

“CES Always a Freezing Solution Ahead “

Take a Look At CES' New Multi-Pass Tunnel That Was Recently Completed

CES recently completed a new multi-pass tunnel for a leading meat manufacturer in North America. With 30 feet of usable belt length per tier the
product will make five passes between in-feed and out-feed. This freezer is rated at 18,000 pounds of product per hour allowing the client to up 
their production while driving down the amount of floor space and freezing cost thanks to the multi-pass tunnel. 

If you have questions about the Multi-Pass freezer or how CES could help your freezing needs contact us



CES Delivers A New Spiral Freezer

CES recently delivered a new custom spiral freezer for a leading North American food producer.
This project will allow the customer to increase production while improving per pound freezing costs and optimizing efficiency.
Equipped with a 40 inch wide, 550 feet of belt will allow the customer to effectively freeze their product evenly. This spiral also comes
equipped with a custom exhaust to fit the needs of the clients' facility. 

A state-of-the-art new Cryogenic Multipass Freezer

CES installed a state-of-the-art new Cryogenic Multipass Freezer (3-belt freezer) in the meat-processing division of a major European retailer.
This Multipass Freezer replaced an existing >25 years old CES Cryogenic linear Tunnel freezer.
The client decided to invest in a Multipass Freezer because of the enormous flexibility of this freezer. With this freezer, the client has the possibility to
freeze big pieces of meat (for example a hamburger patty) and on the other hand, the client can freeze small pieces of meat with a perfectly
IQF quality frozen product (Individual Quick Frozen).
As always CES was responsible for FAT (Factory Acceptance Tests), installation at the site of the tunnel and SS insulated exhaust ducting,
start-up and SAT (Site Acceptance Tests). The client accepted the machine and is happy to be able to use this super flexible freezer. 

 Custom Tailored by CES for a very tight installation at customer site

CES has delivered a customized new spiral freezer to a pet food producer in Germany.Because of very tight space conditions, the large system
had to be manufactured with extended input and output section.The system was installed in a room outside the existing production hall, and the input and output
were led through the wall into the production room. Due to the very tight space conditions, the spiral freezer system had to be placed in the building from above
with a crane and positioned centimeter-accurate. Despite these challenges, the complete system, including exhaust fans and pipes, was completely installed
within the planned time frame of only four days and was able to start production. 

Left: CES-SF-LC02-660-16.5-CC115-SR-UP-U-PLC at CES factory in Belgium, fully prepared for special transport in one assembly

Top right:
Input with belt cleaning
Ready assembled in the wall.
Bottom right:
Output with belt gearbox -
ready mounted in the wall. 


 A new installation in 4 days, Top Chrono!

CES changed a cryogenic freezing tunnel and associated equipments for a big famous and worldwide pastry company in 4 days.
Preparations were realized during weeks preceding the installation of the new tunnel. The peculiarity of this installation, outside the deadline, is the typology
of the exhaust pipes which make 40 and 50 meters long each, between the tunnel and the outside. 

 CES – LT –LCO2 –10 x 1,22 – HOTL – PLC

 Double radial Exhaust system with drip pan

CES Completes A New "Cageless" Spiral

CES recently completed a new custom "cageless" spiral for a leading North American food producer.
This project is the largest cageless spiral of its kind and will allow the customer to increase production while improving per pound freezing costs. 

Equipped with a 36 inch wide, 1,739 feet of belt will allow the customer to effectively freeze their product evenly. Dual drive shafts on each side of the
spiral, and moves the belt along all 27 tiers of the spiral. 


CES’s equipment for metallurgical research

CES has installed a heat treatment unit for a technological research institute specialized in metallurgical materials and processes located in eastern France.
This institute allows manufacturers to validate processes or optimize thermal treatment cycles through targeted controls.
This machine was built for AMS 2750-E aeronautical standards and allows a temperature homogeneity of +/- 5 ° C in the usable volume
with a temperature range of -100 ° to + 250 °C. 

CES – CTC – LIN – 1400x750x750 – S – H – TL


Opening of the cover by hydraulic cylinders

24 kW heating system - LIN injection with control valve for temperature from -100 ° to + 250 ° C with max. +/- 5 ° C

Nitrogen gas injection during the heating phases

Integrated AMS 2750-E
CES the standard for multipass freezers

CES finished two cryogenic multipass freezers that will be shipped to a Scottish meat processor.
They are built according to the highest hygiene and safety standards. 


CES extends the production capacity of an existing customer

CES finished two cryogenic batch freezers that will be shipped to a German egg producer.
These freezers will be added to his existing CES freezers.

Largest Cryogenic Spiral freezer ever created!

CES recently completed a new custom designed CO2 spiral freezer for a leading North American pizza manufacturer.
This project is the largest cryogenic spiral freezer of its kind and will allow the customer to increase production while improving per pound freezing costs.

Equipped with a 54 inch wide, 1,515 feet long belt running at 120ft/min, and it gets the job done fast. 
A massive gearbox delivering 83,000 ft-lbs of torque direct drives the spiral drum and eliminates the need to lubricate and to maintain the typical drive chains.

Automatic loading of the 5,236 square feet of usable belt surface is optimized by providing an Ethernet communication link to the topping machines in front of
the spiral freezer and eliminating the need for operator input while guaranteeing continues belt coverage. 

This CES spiral freezer uses all the latest and greatest technologies including remote VPN access, data collection, torque monitoring and of course
our top quality – CES manufactured - insulated panels with stainless steel hardware.

CES recently completed the installation of one of our largest spiral freezers in The United States. Challenged by the customer's need to maximize production capacity while
optimizing floor space in their new facility. Standing a massive 27 feet tall with 1900 feet of stainless steel belt this freezer showcases CES' capabilities and a bright future for
the customer's production. CES technicians were able to build the spiral freezer as the customer built their new facility. This enabled easy movement for the technicians to
get panel pieces in and out. 

CES installed this year 2 Cryogenic Spiral Freezers in ‘home’ country Belgium.
One spiral was delivered to a worldwide leading potatoes processing company.
The other spiral was installed at a producer of frozen fried fish products.
Both spirals are up-and-running since mid of July … without any problem at all.
CES managed to install both spirals in a record time of 1 week. Not only the spiral was installed,
CES also took care of the installation of the exhaust system and VIP (Vacuum Insulated Piping) ducting line from the LIN tank towards the spirals.


Batch Freezers for Norwegian Research Centre

Our client is one of the largest institutes for applied research within the fields of fisheries, aquaculture, and food research in Europe.
They supply internationally renowned research and solutions that provide competitive advantages along the complete chain of value.
Proudly we can announce that CES was chosen to deliver 2 Cryogenic Lab Freezers to this Norwegian client, one in Stavanger and another in TromsØ.
CES was selected because of the superior quality and ‘in-house’ fully programmed Siemens control system. 
CES Cryogenic Batch Freezer is now one of the tools to improve the quality of frozen fish products in Europe and around the globe.


Save Space With A Box Freezer

CES delivered a new box freezer to a client in Germany. This client had limited available floor and height space in their facility. CES was able to design and
build a highly powerful freezer that fit their requirements while not affecting production per hour. CES delivered the client a very small, but heavy
duty batch freezer based on our CES-standards, fully inside and outside welded, stainless-steel hinges and locking and a standard CES-PLC-system
for easy operating and handling of the machine in production.

This is a CES designed and built Box Freezer ready for the cold test at the CES workshop in Belgium. While the freezer looks smaller compared to the larger freezer
don't be fooled. It is a highly powerful and functional freezer that is not compromised in quality or function.

Stainless-steel hinge and door blade
              Touch panel for easy operating  


The know-how and the reactivity of CES at the service of our customers.

CES delivered a new spiral freezer to a client in Switzerland. An existing, 25-year-old CES-spiral had to be replaced by a new freezer with a larger belt
and one that met the highest hygienic standards. The new spiral freezer was built to order for the customer, complete with stainless-steel fan motors,
electric cabinet, and touch panel in IP66K.

This freezer includes all CES-hygienic features. For example a completely welded closed drum, a self-draining bottom and many more features.

CES was able to complete the installation of the spiral freezer within two days on site.

Everything was prepared at CES, including the exhaust piping to ensure a high-speed exchange to limit downtime and ensure production could be
started as planned and without delay.

CES-SF-LIN-610-9-cc115-SR-UP-I-PLC, completely ready for exchange in CES workshop in Belgium:

Infeed with belt-cleaning system

View inside the spiral,
belt frame with blue glide strips,
the positioning of the vertical beams
on spacers and fan rings 

And on a final note, the replaced 25 year old CES-spiral was not scrapped, the customer sold it (in full operating condition) to a competitor in the same industry. It will continue to
do service for many more years.
The know-how and the responsiveness of CES at the service of our customers.

CES completed the refurbishing of a cryogenic linear tunnel (with 2 parallel belts with 2 different residence times) in less than 5 weeks
for a client situated in France.

In 5 weeks, CES cleaned the tunnel, changed all motors and fans, all gearboxes, installed a new exhaust system, a new system of belt tension, a new
electrical cabinet with PLC + HMI, a completely new pneumatic system, exhaust box and several mechanical pieces. By the end of the refurbishment
the tunnel was looking like new again.

CES – LT –LCO2 –2 x 4 x 0,55 – PODB – PLC – SH
Before refurbishing


After refurbishing

PLC controls, line integration, and turnkey solutions…

Did you know that CES offers complete integrated and advanced automation solutions?

Our electrical engineering department designs automated systems using Siemens, Allen Bradley or your preferred controller/PLC. This allows our customers to easily integrate
equipment in existing lines or provide them with a turnkey solution to control the complete production line. Line integration and supervisory controls allow companies to reduce
downtime and production losses while maximizing productivity. PLC’s or other automated controllers reduce troubleshooting time and allow for future growth and expansion.
Trained CES technicians provide onsite assistance as well as remote support by using VPN connections. Remote access allows us to make program changes and support
maintenance personnel, reducing downtime and production losses.

Ask us about our ‘C’omplete ‘E’quipment ‘S’olution…

Cryogenic Shrink Fitting

Freezing equipment for high-end electric vehicle assembly ready to ship. CES can provide equipment for cryogenic treatment and shrink fitting.

Cryo-treating with subsequent tempering can improve material properties resulting in stress relief, plus increased toughness and wear resistance. Shrink Fitting, or
“compression fitting,” is a process that inserts a pin or bushing into a housing or other assembly requiring an extremely tight tolerance fit. The shrink fitting process can be
used as an alternative to conventional press fitting, or more likely, to permit a mechanical fit that otherwise could not be accomplished via the mechanical force of press fitting.

The Standard of Clean

The acronym SS is often associated with stainless steel, but when referring to the latest CES design-build the SS means, Sanitary and Safe. The challenge that was given to us
by the customer was based on stringent standards set by AMI (American Meat Institute) and the ever-growing OSHA safety requirements. The result is a CO2 tunnel that is
cleanable at a microbiological level and safe enough to meet any production floor specifications.

To ensure AMI sanitary standards were met, strict attention and detail were paid to the product zone of the tunnel. All surfaces are finished to 16 Ra and all welds are
continuous,smooth and polished to ensure that there are no niches in the zone. To eliminate pooling and allow for self-draining, there are no horizontal surfaces in the
product zone. The UHMW belt supports and FDA approved silicone gasket material used in the COP design are compatible with the product, environment, and cleaning
chemicals. Finally, standoffs and our signature top lifting design allow for easy access to locations where disassembly is not possible.

The electrical cabinet and controls were designed and tied together by CES and certified by UL 508A. Using all Allen Bradley components, six variable frequency drives were
used to control the stainless steel fans in three separate cooling zones. This allows the operation of the top fans at different speeds than the side fans in each zone, maximizing
air flow while ultimately preserving product position. A CO2 monitor, proximity switches, and interlocks were integrated to meet OSHA Class 2 Safety requirements.

The new challenge has become finding a tunnel that’s cleaner and safer!

CES strength is present in aeronautics

CES was retained by a French aeronautic group to supply a chamber for cryogenic heat treatment. This equipment was integrated into the various phases of heat treatment to
increase the mechanical resistance of components as part of the reactors of civil planes, such as driving shafts. Parts are loaded from a deck by automatic conveyors through
a hydraulic operated guillotine style door. The chamber is capable of holding up to 4 tons of parts per batch and may reach temperatures of -150F for several hours in order to
meet the stringent aeronautical standard, AMS 2750-E
CES Freezing equipment has the eternal life

Please take a look at both pictures. It pertains to CES equipment that is 25 and 18 years old.

Both the 18-meter long tunnel and the spiral freezer were recently overhauled in our factory and have been installed at other customers to start a second life.

Both look like new and goes to show that CES Freezing equipment is engineered and built to the highest quality standards leading to an extended life and lowers the cost of

The way CES Freezing equipment is designed and built enables the customer to move it around inside and outside their facility.

Next time you are considering buying new freezing equipment keep CES and their design capabilities in mind. Also if you have CES freezing equipment that needs
overhauled contact us.

The expertise and reactivity of CES

From design to installation in only 6 weeks, this liquid CO2 tunnel freezer is utilized to crust freeze the outside surface of meat products. The crusting allows more accurate
slicing during further processing.

One of the unique features of this particular tunnel freezer is the dual belt design. The two parallel belts can be driven at different speeds allowing the user to simultaneously run
multiple products with different residence times. This gives the customer twice the flexibility of one tunnel.

As always, standard to all CES freezers are the hydraulic operated top-lifting design, PLC, and color touchscreen. The top-lifting design allows for increased access to the
inside of the freezer for maximum sanitation, while the PLC and color touch screen provides advanced control capabilities and ease of use.

Let CES engineer and improve your freezing process!
Contact us today. 


CES – LT –LCO2 –2 x 6 x 0,66 – HOTL – SP – PLC
CES installs two cryogenic Box-Freezers for Cooling of sausages before slicing

CES has installed two large cryogenic Box-Freezers for cooling sausages before the slicing process. The two freezers are specially equipped with over-sized doors,
each machine has two doors. The freezers have been installed between cold storage and the slicing room at the customer's facility. This was done to give them the
capability to freeze the product easily while shifting the trolley to the freezer in the cold room, processing the meat and after the process putting it in the slicing room.

Additionally the bottom of the freezers had to be designed as a heavy duty version to be capable to handle the weight of the equipment and the product trolley that
weights up to 2500kg. Another request of the customer was to open the doors only after cleaning with the CO2-gas completely, and with no air from outside the building
should be used to avoid contamination of the product. Instead of dry, clean air from the production room should be used. CES has designed a special system with an
automatic stainless-steel blower-fan, installed on top of each freezer. CES also delivered all additional necessary insulated piping for exhaust and CO2 to bring the gas
outside the building without any dripping of water and to ensure a high-quality CO2-supply for the freezers.
Slicing the cost of freezing Kebab

CES completed the installation of a new nitrogen spiral line for freezing sliced Kebab meat. This new system will be replacing the customers’ existing immersion freezer making
the process much more efficient and increasing the overall capacity at the same time. Reducing liquid nitrogen consumption by up to 65% and increasing output allows our
customer to improve their bottom line. CES spiral freezers provide much more accurate temperature control and product uniformity compared to immersion style freezers and
minimize maintenance costs at the same time. Designing this solution to fit the customers’ existing production floor layout reduced installation downtime and kept expenses at
a minimum.

No matter how you slice or skewer it this Kebab line was a win-win for our customer.

Mechanical Cooling of Cookie Butter Spread Jars

CES successfully installed a new Mechanical Cooling tunnel to chill this delicious Belgian alternative to peanut butter. A custom designed solution replaces the company’s
existing rack and cart cooling system and virtually eliminates all previous manual product handling and labor. Expertise and know-how enabled our engineers to design
a variable speed vertical airflow system which greatly improves cooling efficiency, temperature uniformity, and product throughput. This fully automated system provides reliable
and continuous cooling for up to 18,000 jars per day.

Next time you enjoy this delicious creamy Belgian Cookie spread, ask yourself how CES can help automate and optimize your freezing or cooling lines…

Worlds largest cryogenic tunnel
CES’ North American facility recently completed the world’s largest cryogenic tunnel freezer for one of the most delicious products. This is an exceptional project that was
completed this summer at our customer’s new top-of-the-line production site.

At almost 100 feet in length with a usable belt width of 5 feet, it is three times larger than the most common size tunnel freezer. We are expecting to see more of these giant
sized freezers in the future due to the continued growth of the frozen food market share. The consumer demand for convenience foods and specifically frozen meals is ever
growing. Increasing the freezer size while maintaining the quality of the freezing process does not always have an obvious solution. The challenge lies in uniformly
distributing the cryogen and properly recirculating the cold gases throughout the system. CES’ decades-long freezing experience allow us to overcome these challenges
and engineer efficient and reliable solutions to meet our customer’s goals.


For this new production line of delicious products, our customer decided that the advantages of cryogenic freezing outweighed those of the typical mechanical refrigeration
system setup. Cryogenic freezing provided a high level of flexibility for product changeovers and increased freezing speeds. The initial capital investment and integrations
cost was significantly lower compared to conventional freezing methods while providing a better quality frozen product and flexible processing parameters. Another major
factor was the quick turnaround time that CES can offer to manufacture cryogenic equipment as well as the very short installation and implementation time. Due to our
extensive experience and in-house engineering and manufacturing capabilities, we can quickly build a fit-to-suit freezing solution for any size production line. This allowed
us to complete this major freezing project in only twelve weeks from start to finish.

 CES ingenuity Increases Plant Efficiency and Production Capacity

One of the largest bake-off bakeries turned to CES to engineer, manufacture and install a new Double Drum Proofing spiral and a mechanical spiral freezer. The client
specializes in sweet and savory puff pastry take-&-bake products ranging from croissants to chocolate bread.

Due to the sticky nature of some of these products the conventional low-tension spiral drive systems was not a good solution. CES partnered with Intralox to integrate
the DirectDrive system for both of these massive spiral applications. The Intralox DirectDrive system is an ideal solution for challenging applications where sugar or
coatings interfere with the typical drum overdrive found in low-tension spiral drive applications.

The Double Drum Proofing spiral houses 2,300 meters (7,500 ft) of conveyor belting and is capable of running at speeds of up to 27 meter (89 ft) per minute with a usable
belt width of 1 meter (40 inches). Temperature uniformity is maintained between +28°C and +32°C (+82°F - 89°F) with a variable humidity of 72% to 85%. CES’ experience
and the implementation of state-of-the-art technology allow this new proofing solution to operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

CES designed and manufactured many spiral freezers but none as large as the one installed for this project at this client's facility. Providing 1,150 meters (3,800 ft) of belt length
and 640kw (182 tons) of refrigeration capacity makes this one of the largest mechanical freezing systems ever created. Using a sequential defrost system allows the
customer to produce 24/7 without the need for a shutdown. The Intralox DirectDrive system provides for smooth and reliable operation of all 41 tiers of conveyor housed
in this massive masterpiece.

Our customer was very pleased with the timely completion and installation of the project as well as the low-cost maintenance the integration of new spiral technologies
provided. CES is a licensed Intralox DirectDrive system integrator and is therefore among a select few companies that can provide their customers with this exciting new

Contact us today to see how CES can optimize your process by integrating innovative solution.

food spiral pastry conveyor plastic     food spiral pastry conveyor plastic

install spiral freezer three stories     mechanical spiral belt tiers exposed
CES launched NEW freezing tunnel for CRUST FREEZING of seafood products

This summer CES completed a CRUST freezing Tunnel for one of the biggest seafood processors in the Netherlands.

1st Challenge: CRUST freeze pieces of fish from -2°C to -30°C in the smallest time available. Freezing temperature of -42°C with CO2 / Ammonia compressors.
2nd Challenge: Limited space, CES developed a tunnel where 3 belts above one another are installed with a total length of 5 meters. 
3rd Challenge : Equal airflow over the 3 belts is achieved by means of big centrifugal fans.
4th challenge: High accessibility for cleaning of the Freezing Tunnel. This is achieved by using the UNIQUE Top Lifting design whereby the tunnel fully opens.

CES designed, manufactured, installed and commissioned the complete installation.
The customer was so satisfied that CES has received a new order for 4 more Crust Freezing Tunnels to be delivered during 2015.
Below pictures of the recently built CRUST FREEZING tunnel.

mechanical triple pass freezer fish       mechanical triple pass plastic belt       mechanical triple pass freezer shipping
Cryogenic tunnel to freeze High-Quality Fish

CES delivered a 3rd cryogenic freezer to a satisfied returning customer. After having owned and operated 2 CES cryogenic spiral freezers during the last couple of years,
our customer decided to purchase another CES cryogenic freezer to expand their operation.

CES designed and manufactured a fully stainless steel tunnel freezer with a usable length of 7 meters and a usable belt width of 1.2 meters. Our unique top lifting design
allowed for easy cleaning and sanitation of the equipment.

Let CES help you with our 18 years experience and knowledge in the food industry. Contact us today. 

Two new top lifting nitrogen freezers

CES provided the #1 US manufacturer of premium fresh chicken with two new top lifting nitrogen freezers.

These new freezers will allow our customer to increase product output and efficiency while achieving a top quality frozen product

CES engineering made it possible to design custom equipment and accommodate the available floor space and plant layout without having a major impact on our customer's
existing line. This allowed us to reduce the installation time and limit the production downtime. The integrated state-of-the-art control and design features ensure a smooth
continues operation with minimal downtime for cleaning and maintenance.

Our hydraulic top lifting design exposes all internal components for maintenance and cleaning by the push of a button, eliminating the need for operators to manipulate
heavy doors and reducing the ergonomic risks of the operators.

For more information on CES Top Lifting Freezers, Contact Us today. 

Total Cryogenic Project

CES executed a 'Total Cryogenic Project' at a large poultry processing company in Belgium including:

Two Cryogenic Tunnels and curve belt, more than 50 meters vacuum LIN Piping designed to the customer's specifications. Four frequency-controlled exhaust systems
(2 exhausts on each machine) with more than 20 meters of insulated exhaust

CES installed two Cryogenic Tunnels with a total freezing length of 27m [88.5ft] on a belt width of 1.22m [48in].

The Tunnels are equipped with a hydraulic opening top section, ideal for cleaning and perfect hygienic conditions.

Both machines are equipped with specially designed in- and outfeed belts. The height difference between infeed belt and tunnel b
elt is only 20mm [0.78in].

They are equipped with LIN-injection systems on both in- and outfeed sections (the client is able to have a go- or counterflow of the LIN gas) This results in less LIN
consumption for cooling and freezing of product. The two machines are controlled by one central PLC unit.

The client can program 100 different recipes according to their wide range of product.
Spectacular performing CES Tunnel Freezer

A cooperation between a major industrial gas company and CES resulted in this spectacular performing Tunnel Freezer.

The freezer reduces the freezing times spectacularly for a large range of products, and with lower refrigerant consumption!

Patented Top Impingement Technology from the industrial gas company paired with the know-how from CES resulted in this fabulous solution.

For more information, feel free to contact CES.
Four Linear LIC freezers in Krabi, Thailand

A major Japanese frozen seafood producer installed four CES Linear LIC freezers at their facility in Krabi, Thailand.

The Japanese customer requested, in cooperation with the Japanese gas supplier in Thailand, to purchase four CES freezers because of the exceptional reputation
CES equipment has within the Asian seafood market.

The LIC tunnels are freezing high-quality seafood products for the Japanese and other Asian markets.

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Complete Freezing/Glazing line for shrimp

CES designed, manufactured and installed a complete Freezing/Glazing line for a shrimp producer in Europe.

CES installed a complete freezing/glazing line with a capacity of approximately 2.2 tons/hour at the leading shrimp producer in Europe. The line consists of one immersion
freezer and three freezing tunnels, two with a length of 10 meters and one with a length of 9 meters. Furthermore, four vibrating glazing units were delivered. The width of
the complete line was 1.22 meters.

The individual quick freezing (I.Q.F.) of raw, peeled small and medium-size shrimp is a real challenge, as known by seafood processors worldwide. An innovative freezing
method recently developed by CES has proven to be very successful. Raw, peeled shrimps are very sticky and slimy, and the often vibratory feeders are unable to
separate the sticky shrimp before they entering the freezer, making the I.Q.F. freezing impossible.

CES clearly understands this problem and can offer you its innovative freezing method bringing a solution for the problem you have been trying to solve for such a long time.

CES has also a vast experience with developing equipment to freeze other delicate fish products such as tuna, salmon, surimi, coated fish products, etc....

Check out the video below and if you have a question or would like information on how CES can help your seafood production, contact us today. 

Three Tunnels Installed At One Customers Facility

CES installed three LIC tunnel freezers at a German meat processing facility.

Over the course of two weekends, CES installed the three LIC tunnel freezer. Involved in the project were two tunnels 6m(20ft.) long 0.915m(3ft.) wide and one tunnel
5m (16ft.) long 1.015m(3.3ft.) wide. The customer is processing marinated poultry products.
4.5 ton of chilled German sausages

CES recently completed a cryogenic multi-pass linear tunnel freezer for a client in the meat processing industry located in southern Germany.

CES has installed one 9 m(30 ft.) long 1.5 m(4.9 ft.) wide multi-pass tunnel with three layers at a German meat processor. The tunnel has been equipped with stainless
steel side wall fan motors and the latest state of the art electronics including PLC controls.

Installation began on Friday and by Monday the customer was running 4.5 ton of chilled German sausages through the freezer. 

If you'd like to know more about CES projects, capabilities and what CES can do for your freezing needs, contact us.