IQF : individual quick freeze

  • Our CES-IM-LIN-0.5mx0.6m-POTL immerions freezer is designed for high-volume IQF applications, food products are conveyed through a liquid nitrogen bath to be crust frozen, improving yield-loss.

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  • Our GU-2.5mx1.22m[8ftx48"] follows up initial individual quick freeze (IQF) with a bath to evenly coat product with a clear, smooth layer of frozen water.

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Flighted Belt Tunnel Freezer

The conveyor system is made up of three or more short inclined belts, which tumble the product from one flight to the next. This is excellent for small food products that tend to freeze together when touching. By keeping the individual pieces of food product in motion, large volumes of small food products such as diced meats, berries or vegetables can be individually quick frozen (IQF). Can be LN2 or CO2.


A long, inclined, rotating tube. Using gravity and internal design to convey the product, this unit is used for small food products that tend to freeze together when touching. Like the flighted freezer, it produces an IQF product. CO2 only.

IQF immersion freezer

For more information on IQF, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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