Blast chiller

A blast chiller, for evenly lowering the temperature of a product

Blast chilling is similarly related to blast freezing in that it is capable of evenly lowering the temperature of the product inside it at a very quick rate. Blast chillers are used when reducing temperature because it is necessary to do so within a certain amount of time to avoid growth of bacteria.

This kind of refrigeration is widely seen in commercial and other large-service kitchens where large amounts of food may need to be stored at more critical temperatures. Blast chillers can resemble either conventional batch freezers or walk-in coolers, which makes them ideal for any non-residential building that may need to store food at refrigerated temperatures such as restaurants, cafeterias, and even stores.

blast chiller

Cryogenic Mini-Batch, our mini blast chiller

The CES Mini Batch Freezer System is ideal where cooling, chilling or freezing of hot baked products is required.

CES manufactures a complete line of cryogenic freezers for batch food processors in the bakery, red meat, fish, poultry, etc industries. The CES Mini Batch Freezer offers the benefit of full cryogenic freezing or rapid crust freezing and chilling for handling and packaging of delicate or soft products, while using less floor space than the standard CES Batch Freezer.

For more information on our blast chiller machinery, click here.  

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