Blast freezer, blast freezing

A blast freezer for quickly and evenly freeze products.

The CES batch freezer is also commonly referred to as a lab freezer or blast freezer. Typically, a cart with several trays of product on it is rolled into the freezer and shut inside for a certain amount of time. As this is a batch process, it is ideal for applications that do not require linear or continuous procession along a development line. This could include smaller companies or product lines, testing applications, or even schools and other buildings with cafeterias. While the CES batch freezer offers flexibility in the amount of residence time, this method of blast freezing is commonly used for its ability to quickly and evenly freeze product.

blast freezing

Batch / blast freezer - style variations:

  • Single Batch Freezers
  • Double Batch Freezers
  • Dual Batch Freezers
  • Cryo-Test Batch Freezers

Click here for full information on our blast freezing machines.

Tags: Batch freezer - Blast chiller - Cryogenic refrigeration - Cryogenic treatment - IQF - Spiral conveyor - Spiral cooler - Spiral proofer - Subzero treatment
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