CES designs, engineers, builds, installs and services Batch and Continuous Cryogenic Equipment for the Metal Treatment Industry. By implementing sub-zero quenching as an additional stage in the heat treatment process, it is possible to reduce internal stress and increase the wear resistance of ferrous steels. On top of that, the cryogenic hardening optimizes the dimensional stability of steels by transforming the retained austenite to martensite and simultaneously precipitates small carbide particles throughout the material.

CES builds cryogenic hardening and tempering chambers in different sizes and models as well as Continuous Cryogenic Equipment. The working temperature range of our chambers lies between -185°C [-300°F] and +350°C [+660°F] with a very tight temperature uniformity.
A wide range of system management and temperature control units are available, from conventional to PLC based controls.

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Loading cart for metal upright freezer
Upright Freezers

Extreme heating and cooling equipment ranging from -185°C [-300°F] to+600°C [+1120°F] with tight temperature uniformity.

Example of standard chest freezer, can be cryogenic or mechanical
Chest Freezers

Batch processing equipment with temperatures ranging from -185°C [-300°F] to ambient with tight temperature uniformity.

Standard stainless steel exhaust blower

Creating a turn-key solution with a complete line of complementary freezing solutions for both mechanical and cryogenic equipment.

Example of standard batch immersion freezer
Immersion Chamber

Liquid nitrogen bath freezer rapidly freezes products to very low temps, -196°C [-320°F], by direct immersion at atmospheric pressure

Example of a specialty immersion freezer
Special Chamber

Contact us today to discuss custom designed equipment to meet your exact production needs!

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