Cryogenic Chest Freezers

Features and Benefits

- Cycle Timer

- Load Temperature Monitor

- PLC Controlled

- Ramping Capabilities

- 304 Stainless Steel (internal & external)
- Tight Temperature Uniformity 

- High Density

- Fan Assisted Air Circulation

Various standard sizes available
(between 10 and 100 cubic feet)

Temperature range available 
-185°C [-300°F]   

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During the Cryogenic Tempering Process a material such as steel goes through a phase change that transforms the crystal lattice structure from body-centered cubic to face-centered cubic. The face-centered cubic structure has less space available for interstitial defects and results in a stronger, more durable material.

Time and temperature promote additional metallurgical transformations to relieve residual stresses, normalize and stabilize metal, increase resistance to wear, and create a modified and uniform grain (or crystal) structure. The benefits of this process are increased part life, less wear, and improved performance.

Brake Rotors & Brake Pads: Rotors experience several significant improvements. They will warp less and dissipate heat better. The change in the microstructure of the rotor will allow an increase in pad to rotor contact, an increase in lifetime, and a higher resistance to cracking. Now, your brakes will last longer and perform better while improving safety. Brake pads benefit from this treatment too.

Engine & Drive Train Components: You have the option to treat your whole engine or specific parts. Treated engines and components will exhibit less wear and will be less prone to cracking. Engine blocks that are treated prior to final honing will benefit from reduced friction, which will increase horsepower, torque & fuel economy. Read the link titled 'Freezing Gas Prices' below.

Spark Plugs: Treatment improves the conductivity of the electrode, thereby improving power, fuel economy & reducing emissions dramatically.

Rear Ends: Treating rear ends will reduce wear and improve crack resistance. Your ring and pinion gears will be less susceptible to chipped teeth and overall failure.

Transmissions: Treatment of transmissions will increase the life of all internal parts as well as the casing. Gear failure and wear will be reduced. There have been reports that smoother shifting and better clutch performance have resulted from transmission treatment. Treatment is available for both automatic and manual transmissions.

Bearings: Treated bearings will last longer and be more resistant to wear. They will also roll smoother. Axle and wheel bearings are recommended.

Other Automotive Applications: Blocks, Heads, Rotating Components, Valve Train (incl. Valves), Gears (incl. Transmission), Differential Components, Brake Drums, Discs, Calipers, Pads, Axles, etc.


Optional Equipment
Example of level transition conveyor
Exhaust Systems
Standard stainless steel exhaust blower
Clean In Place
Example of stainless steel clean in place sanitary ball
Vacuum Jacket Pipe
Example of flexible vacuum jacketed pipe
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