Return food to its original glory. Frozen produce is picked at its peak and flash frozen to maintain all the flavor and nutrients fresh fruit has. The Frozen Food Foundation says that frozen fruits and vegetables are equally, and possibly more nutritious than fresh fruits.

CES develops, designs and manufactures standard and custom tailored continuous or batch type chilling and freezing equipment. Our personnel has extensive experience with food chilling and freezing processes.

Whatever the application, CES considers several basic factors when designing equipment or planning installation:
  • Safety
  • Performance
  • Operation reliability
  • Net cost efficiency
  • Flexibility for future plant expansion
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Example of standard tunnel freezer, can be cryogenic or mechanical

Continuous, in-line, linear tunnel designed to individually quick freeze (I.Q.F.) products, optimize production capacity, and preserve long lasting quality.

Example of compact spiral freezer, typically cryogenic

Space saving equipment used for products that need long residence time, for large chilling or freezing capacity or when minimal floor space is available.


Efficient freezing method that continuously freezes products while transferring from upper to lower levels, increasing linear residence time.

Example of standard batch freezer, can be cryogenic or mechanical

Offers the benefits of rapid crust freezing and chilling for handling and packaging of delicate or soft products. Works great with products on racks or trays.

Example of standard mini-batch freezer, can be cryogenic or mechanical

Cryogenically freeze small production processes or R&D projects

Example of standard linear pelletizer

Utilize liquid nitrogen to continuously freeze most liquid or semi-liquid products into discreet free flowing pellets of consistent shape & size. 

Example of standard immersion freezer

Designed for high-volume IQF applications, food products are conveyed through a liquid nitrogen bath to be crust frozen, improving yield-loss

Example of double screw freezer

Ideal for applications involving bulk foods such as diced meat or vegetables.  Gently and uniformly crust freezes product before packaging. 

Example of cryogenic tumbler freezer

Suited for applications in the food industry that freeze bulk product ranging from meats to vegetables.  Works well in combination with other CES freezers.

Snow Horn
Snow Horn

The next generation of CES snow horn featuring Active Vacuum Insulation.  Can be used alone, in groups, or in conjunction with another freezer.

Standard stainless steel exhaust blower

Creating a turn-key solution with a complete line of complementary freezing solutions.


CES In-Stock and Pre-Owned Freezing and Cooling Equipment comes with a Warranty!

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