Cryogenic Screw

Features and Benefits

- Hygienic & User-Friendly Operation
- Low Maintenance
- Easy to Clean - Hydraulic Top Lifting

- Stainless Steel Housing & Auger

- High Cooling / Freezing Rate 
- Production Flexibility

- Quick Installation

Overall Length 
From 3m[10ft] to 4m[13ft] 

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The CES screw conveyor freezers handle almost any bulk material. They can be run either horizontally or in a slightly inclined position.The conveyor can be fitted with a helicoïd conveyor screw, a ribbon or paddle type screw, depending on the product to be conveyed.The unit can be used as a chiller or as a freezer of bulk products.


The CES screw conveyors are designed to chill or freeze diced poultry, meats or similar bulk products.The product travels directly from the prior process through the screw, where it is gently crusted and mixed with fine particles of CO2-snow or LIN droplets.  It then proceeds to the packing operation.This process insures less handling, saves labor and inhibits bacterial growth.


P.O.T.L. (Pneumatically Operated Top Lifting)
H.O.T.L. (Hydraulically Operated Top Lifting)
P.O.D.B. (Pneumatically Operated Dropping Bottom)

-Dual-Screw –Independent Speeds
-Fully Stainless Steel Exhaust Housing & Fan
-Variable Retention Time
-Belt Wash-down System (Manually Or Automatically)
-PLC Controlled Process
-Stainless Steel LIN Control Valve
-Mobile (Wheels Mounted)
-Stationary (Frame Mounted)

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