Cryogenic Immersion

Features and Benefits

- Widths To Match Production Equipment

- Both Top Loading and Front Loading

- Easy to Clean - Hydraulic Top Lifting

- In-line Operation

- Production Flexibility

- Quick Installation

- Uses Very Little Space

Usable Tunnel Length
From 3m[10ft] to 24m[80ft]

Usable Belt Width
From 250mm[10"] to 1600mm[63"]
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CES manufactures a complete line of immersion freezers for continuous food processors in the red meat, fish, poultry and fruit-vegetable industries. Specific units are also available for the Bio Pharmaceutical industry.

The CES immersion freezer is a "lost refrigerant" process using liquid nitrogen in both liquid and gaseous states. The freezer can be used as a standalone machine, or joint to a CES Single Belt Linear Tunnel or Multi-pass Tunnel for Post-cooling or Pre-cooling food products.
Food products are directly immersed in a bath of liquid nitrogen. By immersing, the product is very quickly crusted, which eases further freezing of separate or individual products.

Dependent on the nature of the product, on the size and the desired result (either crust freezing or deep freezing) the time varies from a few seconds up to one minute. An immersion freezer is used for processing assorted though chiefly small products.



- Crust freezing or freezing throughout of bulk (free-rolling), portioned, diced, chopped products.

- Fast removing of product heat after cooking or baking the product before entering a conventional freezing system.

Style Variations:

- Top Loading - Dropping Bottom Version

- Top and Front Loading - Dropping Bottom Version

- Top Loading - Top Lifting Version

- Top and Front Loading - Top Lifting Version

- Special unit for Bio & Pharma Industries

- Special unit for Stick-Ice Freezing

Optional Equipment
Example of level transition conveyor
Vacuum Jacket Pipe
Vacuum Jacket Pipe
Clean In Place
Example of stainless steel clean in place sanitary ball
Exhaust Systems
Standard stainless steel exhaust blower
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