Cryogenic Multi-pass

Features and Benefits

- Top and Side Cooling

- Field Expandable-Modular Design

- Easy to Clean - Hydraulic Top Lifting

- High Cooling / Freezing Rate

- Production Flexibility

- Space Saving Solution

Usable Tunnel Length
From 3m[10ft] to 24m[80ft]

Usable Belt Width
From 250mm[10"] to 1600mm[63"]
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CES manufactures a complete line of linear cryogenic tunnel freezers for continuous food processors in the bakery, red meat, fish, poultry and fruit-vegetable industry. Our standard product lines are capable of fully freezing the widest variety of food products from small items such as patties to the largest items such as bread loaves or large cut meat items. The CES tunnels offer the widest configuration of cryogen spray and circulation fan arrangement to achieve superior product freezing or chilling without thermal shock, yield loss or dehydration.

On Multipass linear tunnels, the products move along three superposed conveyor belts. The belt speed of each belt system is independently controllable. An optimum cold distribution is obtained by the combination of the recirculation and side wall fans. This makes it possible to increase the belt loading density during the cooling and freezing process.

The rugged, in- and outside welded, stainless steel construction is ensuring a trouble-free operation and an outstanding service life of the equipment. Freezer controls are arranged in a user friendly, easy to operate control panel. Coolant spray and batch cycle time are easily adjustable for any variety of food items. Other advantages include easy access for cleaning and maintenance through our unique Top Lifting design, a cleanable self-draining structure that prevents any standing water to eliminate bacterial growth, dual flow setup for horizontal and vertical airflow on all products, plug-n-play communication via Ethernet IP for easy integration in existing lines, speed controlled fans to optimize air velocity and heat exchange to accommodate even the most delicate products, a modular-yet-compact design to allow for future expansion and production growth while adhering to minimum floor space requirements and optimized production.



- Small portioned boiled, fried or baked meat, fish, poultry, bakery products, shrimp, cockles, mussels, etc.

- For cooling or freezing applications with longer cycle times.

- All free-rolling products

Applications:Style Variations:

- Plate Belt Tunnel

- Sanitary Clean Tunnel

Optional Equipment
Vacuum Jacket Pipe
Vacuum Jacket Pipe
Exhaust Systems
Standard stainless steel exhaust blower
Example of level transition conveyor
Clean In Place
Example of stainless steel clean in place sanitary ball
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