Cryogenic Tumbler

Features and Benefits

- Operator-Friendly
- Easy to Clean

- Stainless Steel Housing

- High Cooling / Freezing Rate 
- Production Flexibility

- Quick Installation

Usable Tumbler Length 
5m[16ft], 7m[23ft] or 9m[30ft] 

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CES Tumbler freezers are most suited for the freezing or chilling of small bulk products such as vegetables, fruit, chopped meat, fish and poultry but also for industrial products in cooling processes or freezing before grinding, trimming, etc.  The CES tumbler or rotary freezer comes in three standard sizes: 5m[16ft], 7m[23ft] and 9m[30ft] usable  tumbler lengths. The length is dependent upon the freezing/chilling capacity required.  CES can design and offer custom tailored rotary freezers a for customer's product or product infeed systems.


CES has developed a Tumbler (rotary) Freezer using LIN or LIC as refrigerant, for chilling/freezing of ham, chicken cubes, minced meat, chopped celery, onion, apple, vegetable, herbs, cheese, and other fruits.

- CES Tumbler Freezers are also used for Chilling/freezing of coated products, etc.
- Works very well in combination with other freezers such as the Immersion Fre

Style Variations:
- Variable Speed Exhaust Fan (Frequency Controlled)
- Fully Stainless Steel Build Exhaust Housing & Fan
- PLC Controlled Process
- Stainless Steel LIN Control Fan
- Proportional CO2
- Injection Controls
- Automatic Inclination Adjustment
- Mobile (Mounted on Wheels)

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