Cryogenic Spiral

Features and Benefits   

- Widths To Match Production Equipment

- Field Expandable-Modular Design

- Touch Screen Input

- Production Flexibility

- Space Saving Designs

- Belt Layouts (Standard = Straight Through)

- Also 90/180/270 Degrees

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Spiral freezers, introduction

CES manufactures a complete range of spiral freezing systems using liquid nitrogen or liquid carbon dioxide as a refrigerant.

A CES spiral freezer consists of a freezer-belt encircling a rotating drum. The freezer-belt enters at the bottom of the drum at the infeed location and wraps in a helix to the top, where it makes a discharge. The belt returns through an automatic tensioner, take-up and anti-flip device. The heart of the structural system is the cage or the drum. The drum is driven and acts as a friction drive for the contacting inside edge of the belt and performs the vast majority of the work. The injection system and its controls will depend on the cryogenic refrigerant used, the size of the spiral freezer and the products to be cooled or frozen.

Applications spiral freezers:

  • A very wide range of food products such as meat, poultry, fish, bakery airy products, prepared meals, etc.
  • Long residence time products
  • Large volumes

Style variations

  • Down-Cage Spiral

Note: Spiral freezers are not made for chilling or freezing of bulk products or free rolling products.
Optional Equipment
Vacuum Jacket Pipe
Vacuum Jacket Pipe
Example of level transition conveyor
Clean In Place
Example of stainless steel clean in place sanitary ball
Exhaust Systems
Standard stainless steel exhaust blower
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