More than ever, quality and reliability are the two main key words in today's pharmaceutical industry. At CES, we understand your concerns and have integrated them in every production step throughout the company. From the design and production phase, up to the on-site installation.

Our high-quality equipment offers a flexible and reliable solution for cryogenic product stabilization in:
  • Storage processes
  • Freeze & Thaw processes
  • Freeze-Drying processes
  • Transport processes
At CES, we are dedicated to the pharmaceutical and biotech industries and since 1988 we have provided quality freezing & flexible solutions.


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Example of standard batch freezer, can be cryogenic or mechanical
Upright Freezers

Cryogenically freeze smaller samples or R&D projects while using a fraction of the floor space as other pieces of equipment.

Example of standard chest freezer, can be cryogenic or mechanical
Chest Freezers

Designed for a variety of uses in both the pharma and metal treatment fields, we offer a range of efficient storage capacities.

Standard stainless steel exhaust blower

Creating a turn-key solution with a complete line of complementary freezing solutions for both mechanical and cryogenic equipment.

Example of standard barrel style batch pelletizer

Continuously freezes most liquid or semi-liquid products into discreet free flowing pellets of consistent shape & size.

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