Exhaust Systems

Features and Benefits

- Reduced amount of excess cryogen released into room
- Increased safety
- Fully-welded insulated exhaust = prime sanitation
- No open/exposed insulation layers = no unwanted water retention

- Stainless steel won't rust or corrode

- Customized design
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CES offers customized stainless steel exhaust systems, tailored to each project's individual needs.  Our engineering expertise enables us to calculate the most efficient layout to draw off the excess nitrogen/CO2.  These systems are available in either single-walled or double-walled (insulated) sections, with or without drip trays to collect condensation and keep it off the product.  We also include, where necessary, a stainless beauty ring at the point of penetration through the ceiling for a clean and aesthetic finish.  In addition to the exhaust piping itself, CES can provide the roof-mounted blower motor needed to successfully draw off the excess nitrogen/CO2.
Optional Equipment
Cryogenic Upright Freezers
Upright batch freezers are ideal for R&D testing and cryogenic freezing of samples
Cryogenic Chest Freezers
Clean interior lines maximize storage space in this full stainless freezer
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