Mechanical Chest Freezers

Features and Benefits

- Touch Screen Input
- PLC Controlled Process
- Easy to Clean?

- Low Maintenance
- Production Flexibility
- Quick Installation
- Very Compact
- Low Capital Cost

Fully Welded Stainless Steel Construction of Housing
with Injected (in place) Insulation
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CES's mechanical freezers utilize a cascade freezing system, whereby the temperature is reduced progressively in smaller stages than a cryogenic freezer.  The mechanical chest freezer operates in the -40 to -85ºF range, and differs from the mechanical batch freezers by opening from the top.  As with the cryogenic freezers, these freezers can always be custom tailored to your specific size and product needs, but unlike the cryogenic freezers they do not depend on daily cooling gas deliveries.  CES's mechanical freezers are just plug-and-go!  Our customary touch screen-input PLCs provide precise and accurate management of all temperature settings and adjustments in a user-friendly panel.  We utilize dual-display technology that allows the user to not only set a desired temperature, but also view the current temperature--thus ensuring verifiably reliable cooling!

While the cryogenic chest freezer is ideal for more time-sensitive production applications, the mechanical chest freezer is perfect for situations where the subject can be cooled or stored over a longer period of time.

- The CES Chest Freezer System is ideal where cooling, chilling or freezing of samples is required.
- For cooling or freezing applications with long cycle times.
- CES Chest freezers are used for R&D projects and other pharmaceutical applications.

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