Mechanical Walk-in Freezers

Features and Benefits

- Touch Screen Input
- PLC Controlled Process
- Easy to Clean
- High Cooling / Freezing Rate
- Production Flexibility
- Quick Installation
- Increased Storage Capacity
- Reduced Maintenance Cost

Fully Welded Stainless Steel Construction of Housing
with Injected (in place) Insulation
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An essential component of CES's panoptic freezing solutions product line, the mechanical walk-in freezer design is ideal for established and growing systems looking to reduce the number of machines to keep on hand.  Utilizing this storage system eliminates the need for multiple smaller freezers that perform the same task.  Along with the increase in available storage area, the walk-in design offers enough versatility to be useful for storing a variety of samples, products, and other sensitive material.  Freezer controls are arranged in a user friendly, easy to operate control panel. 

- The CES Walk-In Freezer System provides increased cold-storage capacity.
- For large volume and longer storage time.
- CES Walk-In Freezers useful in hospitals, research facilities, pharmaceutical companies, etc...

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