DSI Freezing Solutions A/S, the Denmark-based market leader in plate freezing technology, has acquired Cryogenic Equipment and Services NV (CES) and Dantech Freezing Systems A/S (Dantech). Thereby it has created a new global player with the industry’s widest product range within industrial freezing, cooling, and heat treatment of food.

“With these two strategic acquisitions, we’ve become the only global player that can offer the food industry the full range of freezing technology as well as a broad choice of solutions for cooling and heat treatment of food,” says Lars Priess, CEO of DSI Freezing Solutions A/S.

DSI Freezing Solutions A/S (DSI) has expanded its portfolio with the acquisition of the Belgian company CES, an expert in cryogenic freezing, as well as Dantech, which is among the world leaders in mechanical freezing technology, especially spiral and tunnel freezers. As a result, DSI is now the only global supplier of all three types of freezing technology – creating significant synergies for both existing and future customers.

Three companies become one
Since DSI was acquired in 2017 by Procuritas Capital Investors – a Nordic private equity fund – the company has worked purposefully to build a strong platform for securing future growth. Partly through the acquisition of its long-standing partner Erlinord, which handles the automated part of the plate freezing process, and partly through massive investments in production, sales organization, test facilities, R&D and IT. Today, DSI is present in Denmark, Korea, Singapore, Russia, and the United States.

CES was established in 1989 by Karel Vanackere and has since developed into one of the largest independent suppliers of cryogenic freezing technology in the world. The company is headquartered in Belgium and from there supplies equipment mainly to the food industry, but also to the pharmaceutical and metal industries. In the United States, it mainly produces equipment for the food industry.

Hans Vanackere, who is now handing the company over and stepping away from his role as CEO, says: “It was important for us to find a partner with a leading position, in-depth knowledge of the industry, focus on quality and customers, and a strong vision for the future development of CES.”

Dantech was founded in 2017 and until the takeover was owned by Henrik Ziegler and Carsten Bak Andreasen. The company is the result of a merger between Dantech Freezing Systems Pte. Ltd. and Innosteel A/S. The company has more than 30 years of experience providing freezing solutions to the food industry. It has grown rapidly, especially in recent years, and today is a leading global player in mechanical freezing, including spiral and tunnel freezers, as well as spiral ovens. Dantech is headquartered in Aalborg and has branches in the US, Singapore, Mexico, Russia, Poland, and Germany.

Henrik Ziegler states: “We were looking for a partner to boost and support our future growth,” and Carsten Bak Andreasen adds: “It was also important for us to ensure that the buyer would continue to focus on creating future opportunities for the employees based on the company’s growth.”

Henrik Ziegler will continue to be involved in the management of the new, larger company.

With the acquisition of the two companies, an international player in food technology has emerged, and Denmark’s position as a leading nation within food technology has been further consolidated.

High expectations for the future
Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, DSI Freezing Solutions A/S achieved a top-line growth of +5% and a bottom-line growth of +10% in 2020, and expectations for the coming years are high.

“With our new setup and a total of around 300 employees, we expect a turnover of more than DKK 500 million in 2021,” says Lars Priess, adding: “We look forward to getting even closer to our customers thanks to our strong production and service setup in Europe, the US and Asia. About half of our customers use several different types of freezing technology, which they can now get from a single supplier.”

The three freezing technologies (plate, cryogenic and mechanical) complement each other well and cover both high- and low-volume production as well as IQF, block and bulk freezing. In addition, the technologies cover virtually the entire spectrum of foods, from meat, fish, and poultry (including by-products) to fruit, vegetables, and ready meals. And the three companies already share a passion for quality and reducing their environmental impact. All three organizations are increasingly looking at environmentally friendly alternatives that can make a difference both to future generations and to the existing customers’ business cases, for example in the form of reduced consumption of energy, chemicals, and water.

Thus, the global food industry is now presented with the perfect match in terms of both technology and value, with all the benefits this entails in the form of geographical presence, concentrated expertise, customer focus and sustainability.


New shrimp freezing production at Klaaspuul with CES Cryogenic Freezers

Shrimp Freezing

CES freezes pasta

CES installed last year a new Cryogenic Tunnel Freezer at the company Milano Restorazione.

As you can see in the film : Again a happy and satisfied client.

 Truth in Cryogenics,

Since 1988 CES has been providing Cryogenic and Conventional cooling solutions to world leading companies in the Food, Pharmaceutical and Metal treatment industries.
With production facilities in both Europe and North America, CES Freezing Technology has a global customer base of more than 5,000 completed installation in over 100 countries.
Our worldwide engineering presence provides unmatched expertise and technology in a variety of applications.

Our CES Pharmaceutical Systems division continues to deliver high quality, flexible solutions to the Life Science industry and has been strongly engaged with the rapid
development of vaccine manufacturing.

Demand for IQF food applications has also seen a tremendous increase in the past year as the market shifts to chef prepared ready meals and high-end portion-controlled foods.
CES Freezing Technology has seen major growth in compact Cryogenic process solutions to meet the new trends.

Hans Vanackere, President of CES Freezing Technology, believes that strong knowledge and vast experience in Cryogenics and design allow us to produce efficient systems
that exceed the strictest hygienic, GMP standards and IQ OQ qualifications.

Consider CES Freezing Technology your trusted partner for successful development and implementation on your next project.

Trustworthy Expertise Since 1988!

𝐂𝐨𝐦𝐩𝐚𝐜𝐭 𝐒𝐩𝐢𝐫𝐚𝐥 𝐟𝐫𝐞𝐞𝐳𝐞𝐫

Not every project requires a custom designed freezer, sometimes you just need a simple, reliable solution that can be delivered and implemented quickly.
At CES Freezing Technology we realized that for some customers, this is exactly what is needed to meet demanding project deadlines while
maintaining high quality specifications, volume throughputs and efficiencies. This compact, fully welded freezer, ships in one-piece for quick installation,
while retaining all high-end controls and technology standards allowing for easy integration in todays automated production environments.
Combining all the latest sanitary and cleanable design features as well as highly efficient cryogen controls from CES Freezing Technology.
The success of this concept has already been proven many times by the huge demand and numerous installations in chicken processing, ice cream hardening,
pouch cooling, prepared meals and so much more.

𝐒𝐢𝐦𝐩𝐥𝐞, 𝐃𝐫𝐨𝐩, 𝐅𝐫𝐞𝐞𝐳𝐞…𝐃𝐨𝐧𝐞!


Advantages of cryogenic food freezing

Please find herewith an article written by our CEO Johnny Nuttin.
It explains the principles and advantages of cryogenic food freezing.
Enjoy the reading!

 CES has a wide and full range of Cryogenic Batch Freezers always available from stock !


CES Life Science Laboratory Freezers:
Instruments of Medical Progress!

When some of the leading health research innovators need laboratory freezing equipment, they understand that CES is the only viable cryogenic equipment manufacturer
to partner with. With dozens of pharmaceutical installations worldwide and knowledgeable engineering and service personnel, CES is ready to meet their next-level expectations
in the field. Across the life sciences spectrum, including oncology, immunology, neuroscience, or animal health, CES Laboratory Freezers are contributing
to important fundamental research!

                   Are you ready to create the future?
                                                                                                                                           Advanced Health Research!

 The Future of Protein … CESGROUP has the answer

CESGROUP has the answer to the plant-based meat craze, having supplied multiple freezing solutions to most of the key players in this emerging market.
Ranging from Cryogenic tumblers to tunnel freezers our dedicated team of engineers and craftsmen successfully integrated several high-quality sanitary processing lines.
Plant-based protein has a positive impact on the planet and can provide many health benefits by reducing saturated fats while increasing vitamin and fiber intake.
With the offerings on the table today consumers have a great variety of flavors and tastes to choose from.
Now that mainstream fast-food establishments are joining the effort, growth in this segment is exploding. So, if you’re investing in plant-based protein, invest in CES!

Go grow your Protein!


 CES was present at the HK2019                                 


CES Freezing Technology
Provides the Lowest Cost of Ownership!

In today’s fast paced economy it is more important than ever to consider the overall cost of ownership for every investment made. It’s true that CES may not be the least expensive initial equipment option; it’s also true that CES provides the lowest cost of ownership in the industry. Innovative designs combined with high quality components can reduce the yearly cost of CES equipment by as much as 90% compared to its competitors.

Direct Drive Design reduce maintenance and downtime while improving hygiene
The CES direct drive design eliminates the need for drive chains and daily maintenance. This reduces overall operating and sanitation costs. Keeping these gear motors outside of the freezer and product zone improves service accessibility. It also virtually eliminates product contamination risks and greatly improves the cleanliness of the equipment.

High quality components are less expensive in the long run
Using quality components designed for the application is the right thing to do and, CES feels, the only way to do it. There is a simple reason CES opts to use proportional valves over solenoids to control the system temperature: because they’re better. Sure, it worked in the 50’s when energy was cheap but it doesn’t work in the 21st century when efficiency is key to every business. Modern components made by industry leaders are also easier to source and maintain.

Energy efficient and compact designs provide more savings per footprint
Efficiency is a key consideration in freezer design. Efficiency demands that one consider the best technologies available for both insulation and air velocities. Most manufacturers are content using of-the-shelf SIP’s (structural insulated panels). CES engineers go the extra mile to design application-specific insulated panels and airflows. CES designs and manufactures these panels to not only reduce heat loss in the system but also to fit the unique layout and configuration of the application. Efficiency and purpose-built design save the customer money!

Designated CES service technicians are ready to assist 24/7 to limit expensive production downtimes
Unlike some companies, CES maintains a full staff of dedicated service technicians to support their customers. In fact, CES guarantees a response time of 24 hours or less. Many of CES’ freezers have remote Ethernet-based VPNs integrated in their controls. This allows instant troubleshooting anywhere in the world. With two physical manufacturing facilities and four application engineering offices located in Europe and North America,
CES provides the best service in the business.


Next time you are in the market for a new equipment investment; please contact CES to see how you can save!
Boy Scouts of America Visit CES Freezing Technology!

CES Freezing Technology welcomed a visit from the Boy Scouts of America for a guided tour in our North America manufacturing facility. Local Boy Scouts troop 803 was very interested in learning more about industrial manufacturing, including 3D modeling, laser cutting, metal forming, CNC machining and TIG welding.
These young men were very interested in learning more about the engineering and design work going into our freezing and cooling equipment. Highlighting the different facets of industrial design and manufacturing really demonstrated the variety of skill and education options available in this industry. The computer aided drafting, software simulations and hands-on fabrication of different materials was eye-opening for this future generation. We hope that we helped instill some genuine interest and maybe planted the seeds for a couple future engineers and craftsmen.

 CES Freezing Technology & BSA - Prepared. For Life.™


Monster Gearbox

For the latest CES Freezing Technology creation we are installing the largest drum drive gearbox we’ve ever used.
This monster gearbox has a torque rating of 310,000 Nm or 229,000 ft-lbs. with a near 300mm or 12inch hollow bore shaft and weighs in at around 2.5 tons.
It will fit neatly on top of the drum drive shaft and provide the typical direct drive advantage that allows our customers to run trouble free for many years to come.
This particular mechanical spiral freezer has a 1.2 meter or 48 inch wide belt with 37 spiral tiers and is designed to freezer 8 tons of croquettes per hour.
The unique design of the Ashworth PosiDrive® belting in combination with our custom engineered spiral cage allow us to maintain product orientation and
greatly simplifies the belt speed control system.

CES Freezing Technology = Innovative customer solutions on demand ! 


 CES Group delivers its 700th Batch Freezer for food freezing and chilling

CES is a World Wide respected manufacturer of Specialized ‘made-to-order’ Cryogenic and Mechanical Freezing / Cooling equipment.
Besides these engineering projects CES is still producing a vast amount of Standard Cryogenic Freezers.
CES recently manufactured miscellaneous Standard Cryogenic Batch Freezers for delivery throughout Europe and the Middle East region.
Last produced Batch Freezers have been delivered to clients in Hungary, Germany, Denmark, Bahrain and France. These Standard Cryogenic Batch freezers are equipped with either Nitrogen or CO2 injection and are used to freeze or cool all sorts of food products like fish, meat or bread products.
Some features of the Standard CES Cryogenic :
• Full Siemens PLC controlled + Siemens Touch Screen
• Fully welded insulated enclosure
• 3-point lock without leackage of LIN or CO2 gas
• Infeed ramp for trolley
• …

 Introducing the CES "Cageless" Spiral 

The innovative new "cageless" Mechanical Spiral from CES Freezing Technology offers a wide range of benefits to food processors. With no center drum, the costs have been lowered as well as the maintenance while the efficiency has risen.

(Click on the picture to watch the cageless spiral in action)

CES will be present at the Swiss Biotech Day, the leading life science conference
May 3rd Basel

 CES has become a Siemens OEM Partner in Belgium

We are proud to announce that CES has become an official OEM Partner of Siemens.

This gives CES and most importantly our valued customers the guarantee that they always will be supplied with the
newest products and the latest developments. Furthermore for the development of new products and applications
our concerns and expectations will be taken into account so that finally our customers will dispose of the most
performing machines.

NEWS: Freeze Frame Q1

Stay up to date with everything CES related with FreezeFrame.
This quarter CES completed our largest spiral freezer ever, take a look. 

VIDEO: Take a look at CES' US-based facility in this company profile video.
A behind the scenes looks will show you the facility, the production floor and what goes into making a custom freezer.
Just click the picture to the right and you'll be directed to the video. 
 Check out all Pre-Owned freezers that CES has to offer.
For more information contact us (
 News: FreezeFrame Pre-Owned December 2017

Check out all Pre-Owned freezers that CES has to offer. For more information contact us (
 Visit us at Hall/Stand : 4.2 - B48    
 CES' Cincinnati Manufacturing facility was recently featured on American Made's YouTube Series

How to weld: American Made - CES Freezing Tech Part 3

CES' Cincinnati Manufacturing facility was recently featured on American Made's YouTube Series

How to bend metal: American Made - CES Freezing Tech Part 2


 Visit us at Hall/Stand : 5 - F72  
Stay up to date by following CES' LinkedIn page.

Link up with CES and stay up to day with everything going on in the freezing world. Articles will be posted on CES projects and innovations as well as videos of ongoing projects. 


CES' Cincinnati Manufacturing facility was recently featured on American Made's YouTube Series 

How to run a laser cutter: American Made - CES Freezing Tech Part 1


Announcement: Check Out Our New Facebook page

We are pleased to present you our official Facebook page.

This page is a destination for anyone who would like to know more about the CES Group.

Stay informed about what is happening in our organization, please visit and please like our page.



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 Visit us at Hall/Stand : 5 - F72    

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Smart solutions in cryogenic freezing 
An interview with CES Group 
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