Fabrication Options

Learn about the fabrication options for modifying a pre-owned CES freezer below. 
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CES can offer custom fabrication on Pre-Owned equipment to a certain extent. We strive to make sure all of our customers needs are met and modifying a freezer is one way to meet that need. 


​Modifications That Can Be Made

When it comes to modifying a freezer through fabrication there are limited options but there are still a few options
  • Legs - CES can modify the legs of the machine, whether you need them to be taller or shorter fabricating new legs is very achievable. Modifications can be made to the existing legs as well. 

  • End Blocks - Outside of the legs the end blocks may also be modified as long as the block has not been foam filled. If it is foam free the end block can be modified as well. 
  • Loading Table - Along with end blocks, loading tables can be added, removed and extended. A loading table will allow the product to get on the belt before entering the freezer as well as when it exits the freezer. 
​Modifications That Can Not Be Made

There are certain modifications that cannot be made to pre-owned freezer. CES can not cut the body of a freezer to shorten the overall length of the freezer. That is in part to ensure the structural integrity of the freezer and it would not be a cost effective option for our customers. 

If you have questions about potential fabrication modifications Contact Us to discuss it further. 

Sprayer Heads

Sprayer heads can be changed out to alter the width of the spray. CES can also offer brass and stainless steel sprayer heads depending on the customer's preference. Heads can be changed between cone, straight, 90 and wide spray heads. Any solution you need to coat your product CES can provide that. 

Fan Motors/Blades

CES can replace all obsolete, damaged or under performing fan motors on any piece of pre-owned equipment. Fan blades will also be inspected and replaced if damaged. The customer can also change the fan blades out as they see fit. 

Production Belt

Conveyor belt inside the freezer can be changed to suit the customers needs. Whether it be a different mesh or width CES can provide whatever the customer needs. Belt mesh refers to the frequency of the belt links. CES can provide belts with high, low and medium frequencies to suit the customers needs. The width of the belt can be changed as well, naturally there will be a max width limit due to the width of the machine. If you have questions about belts Contact Us today. 


All freezers come equipped with exhaust systems. If the pre-owned equipment does not have an exhaust system that suits the needs of the customer CES can design and manufacture a new one. CES can route the exhaust anywhere in the customer's facility during installation and make modifications as needed. 

If you own a CES freezer currently and are looking for a new exhaust system due to freezer relocation or any other scenario Contact Us today and we can discuss options and plans for installing a new exhaust system. 

Electrical Upgrade

Depending on the age of the Freezer a full or partial electrical upgrade could be available. CES can install new panels, upgrade the PLC, install touch scree navigation menus and upgrade all components to top of the line Allen-Bradley, Siemens or the customers choice. CES can also write multiple programs for freeze time, out put and speed depending on the product if the customer would like to run different product through the same freezer. 

Drive Motor/Gear Box

Pre-Owned freezer can at times require new drive motors or a new gear box. CES can remove the old one, install a new on to the customers specific needs. The gear ratio in gear boxes can also be changed to fit the need of the customer. Whether it is to slow down the freezer, speed it up, CES can adhere to the needs of the customer. 

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