Cryogenic Snow Horn

Features and Benefits 

- Continuous Vacuum System

- Clog-free Production

- High Cooling / Freezing Rate

- Production Flexibility

- Quick Installation

- Very Compact

- Low Capital Cost

Fully Welded Stainless Steel
Construction of Housing with
Continuous Vacuum Insulation

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The vacuum insulated snow horn is a highly efficient device for making dry-ice snow, using liquid carbon dioxide (CO2).  The design consists of an expansion chamber and heat exchanger with Active Vacuum Insulation, resulting in a sticky-free production of dry ice snow.  The vacuum jacketing guarantees an outside casing that is both safe and condensation-free during operation.

Before expansion, the horn pre-chills the liquid carbon dioxide in a heat exchanger.  This exchange of heat guarantees clog-free production of snow in the expansion chamber.  Due to our innovative design with Active Vacuum Insulation you can produce dry ice snow on-site in a safe and efficient manner.  A control cabinet includes a range of fail-safe safety features.


CES snow horns are used to create fine snowflakes that are ideal for chilling round meats, standardizing meat pastes, keeping poultry products frozen during transport, crust freezing of surfaces, removal of process-generated heat in cutters, mixers and bowl choppers, dough mixers, etc.



The snow horn can be equipped with a wide range of nozzles.  The size of the nozzle determines the rate of snow production up to 800 pounds per hour.

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