Vacuum Jacket Pipe

Features and Benefits
- Reduce Loss of cryogen through evaporation
- Stabilizes cooling capacity
- More consistent quality of cryogen delivered
- Improved cool-down time from one point to another
- Easier to install vs. Foam insulated copper pipe

The goal in transferring cryogenic liquids is to keep the liquid as cold as possible from the supply tank to the points of use.
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Vacuum jacketed pipe, also referred to as vacuum insulated pipe, is constructed of an inner and outer pipe. The inner pipe, which carries the cryogenic liquid, is wrapped with multiple layers of super-insulation consisting of alternating layers of a radiant heat barrier material and a non-conductive spacer material. The air in the space between the two lines is pumped out, creating a static vacuum shield. The vacuum space contains getter materials to collect out-gassed molecules to further improve the vacuum.

The thermal barrier between the inner and outer lines is so effective that even with -452°F liquid helium flowing through the pipe, the outer surface remains safe to touch with bare hands.

3 ways heat is transferred and how VJP reduces it:
is reduced through low conductivity radial supports to prevent the inner pipe from touching the outer pipe.

is prevented by removing the gas molecules from the space between the inner and the outer pipe.

is minimized by wrapping the inner pipe with multiple layers of reflective material.

Style Variations:
- Rigid Systems
- Flex Systems
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