Features and Benefits

- Small Batch Processing (up to 300 lbs/hr)

- Easy to Clean

- Production Flexibility

- Quick Installation
- Uses Very Little Space 

CES has developed fully automated sterilizing
units for its different pelletizer models.

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The CES designed pelletizer is operating in a class 100 clean room and meets the strict requirements demanded by the pharmaceutical industry. Working together with our clients research engineers, we developed a custom solution for their specific needs. The patented product is dispensed in liquid nitrogen and a spherical pellet is created. This is done without having any mechanical moving parts in contact with the liquid nitrogen or dispensed solution. Due to the extremely valuable products produced with this unit, it was unacceptable to have any product losses during the process. Creative ingenuity and dedication enabled the CES engineering team to eliminate product losses.

"In a flash from liquid to pellet"

From the beginning, CES has contributed to the development of cryogenic pelletizing and has gained extensive experience in this unique stabilization process throughout the past 20 years. Based on this experience, CES Pharma Systems has developed a new line of pelletizers meeting today's standards in the pharmaceutical & biotech industries. 

Instantaneous stability
Liquids, semi-liquids or even solutions with a higher viscosity are introduced in droplet form into liquid nitrogen. These droplets are flash frozen and possible degradation processes are effectively stopped so that the product quality is preserved.
Due to the use of this cryogen and the consistent, pre-determined size of the droplets, our cryogenic pelletizers are capable to produce uniform, round-shaped pellets with a typical distribution of 2-5mm in a reliable and repeatable manner.
Unique process requires unique equipment
During the development of our pelletizers, we have always put product quality and ease of operation first. This has resulted in high quality, sanitary equipment where each aspect of the pelletizing process can be flexibly controlled to ensure optimum compatibility of product, process and operator.                  

Flexible product
Besides its advantages as a stand-alone unit, cryogenic pelletizers can play a key role in improving the efficiency of stabilization processes of products, such as tablets, capsules, inhalable drugs,....
Since pelletizing enables you to process these products as bulk, it offers the opportunity to simplify your production process by eliminating redundant intermediate packaging.
Specifically for lyophilisation and freeze/thaw processes, the unique properties of cryo-pellets will improve the efficiency of those processes and reduce overall cycle times.

CES Pharma systems can offer a turn key pelletizing solution for your product during its complete life cycle, from R&D up to full-scale production. 
Optional Equipment
Mechanical Spiral
Spiral belt, drum and heat exchangers all enclosed in insulated housing
Cryogenic Tunnel
Recent standard top-lifting tunnel design
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