Aftermarket Support

Aftermarket Support of Cryogenic & Mechanical Freezing Systems

In business for more than 30 years, CES Group has developed a well-earned reputation as a leading expert in the support and maintenance of cryogenic and mechanical freezing systems. When you choose us as your service partner, we ensure your equipment will be operating efficiently, effectively, and with maximum availability.
In addition to maintaining a large inventory of spare parts, including belting, motors, gaskets, and bearings for both new and legacy equipment. We also provide rapid response order handling, part delivery, and maintain a full transaction history. We can provide you with a proactive preventive maintenance plan as well as remote monitoring and diagnostics to expedite troubleshooting and avoid costly downtime. Our field service team is available 24/7 and can be immediately dispatched to any global location. Along with extensive training with advanced control and network systems, they are experts in construction assembly, hydraulics, pneumatics, and mechanical trouble shooting.
Our extensive knowledge of cryogenic freezing and chilling equipment enables us to service all major brands of cryogenic freezers. Contact us today to learn how our experienced professional support team can benefit your plant maintenance program.

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