Refurbishing Systems

Refurbishment of Cryogenic & Mechanical Freezing Systems

Let CES Group preserve your equipment investment by refurbishing your cryogenic and mechanical freezing systems. We can engineer modifications to accommodate process changes as well as modernize older, legacy equipment with updated process controls, energy efficient mechanical systems, improved safety systems, and bring it up to UL 508A standards.
Our field service team will remove the freezer from your plant and transport it to our fully equipped workshop facility. The CES team will make all necessary upgrades and repairs, replace worn components, lubricate, polish, and return it to optimal operating condition. We can outfit your freezer with a new, easy-to-operate PLC control system, modify product infeed and outfeed to increase throughput, or upgrade LIN or CO2 injection systems to improve product cooling, boost product capacity, and improve production efficiency. After reinstallation at your facility, our technicians will execute temperature test protocols to ensure operational parameters are met and the equipment is operating to your satisfaction. We make specific arrangements to expedite the process to minimize disruption to your production.
Before replacing, consider refurbishing as a value solution to maximizing equipment longevity. Contact us today for an evaluation.

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